1918 11 11, a day of sorrow - and relief: the unprecedented slaughter was over

Isaac Rosenberg, one of the 886,939 British soldiers killed during the WW1

Isaac Rosenberg, born 1890, was killed early on the morning of 1st April 1918 during the German spring offensive. His body was not immediately found, but in 1926 the remains of eleven soldiers of the KORL were discovered and buried together in Northumberland Cemetery, Fampoux. His body could not be individually identified, but he was known to be among them. This cemetery was later moved, and his remains were reinterred at Bailleul Road East Cemetery, St. Laurent-Blangy, near Arras where his headstone reads ‘Buried near this spot’. Beneath his name, dates and regiment, are engraved the Star of David and the words ‘Artist and Poet’.

This biographical note comes from these files.

Poppies - the Flower of Remembrance See here

Le Déserteur par Boris Vian 

Universal Soldier - suomeksi / finnlingve Palkkasoturi

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